Vistol Latin Pro Family

Vistol Sans Latin Pro is a Neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface family!

It comes in 18 weights, 9 uprights and its following with italics. Latin Pro Accent for Support European languages, Extended Latin A, Extende Latin B, Punctuation, Number, Currency Symbols, etc. Low-contrast stroke makes it suitable for printing, packaging, articles, titles, editorials, publishing, logos, branding, small or large text usage.

This font has been tested in print. The printout can still be read well on the 6pt font size for the Thin-ExtraLight category. 4pt for the Light-Balck category.

File Include 18 OTF Fonts:

- Vistol Sans Thin
- Vistol Sans Extra Light
- Vistol Sans Light
- Vistol Sans Regular
- Vistol Sans Medium
- Vistol Sans Semi Bold
- Vistol Sans Bold
- Vistol Sans Extra Bold
- Vistol Sans Black
- Vistol Sans Thin Italic
- Vistol Sans Extra Light Italic
- Vistol Sans Light Italic
- Vistol Sans Italic
- Vistol Sans Medium Italic
- Vistol Sans Semi Bold Italic
- Vistol Sans Bold Italic
- Vistol Sans Extra Bold Italic
- Vistol Sans Black Italic

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