Pintenium Script

**Pintenium Script**

**Tutorial Font:**

***Tutorial Open Type In Word:***

***Tutorial Open Type In Adobe Illustrator:***

Pintenium Script is Vintage Script Brush Font with Handlettering Brush Style, so much opentype feature include of the font. Suitable for design, element design, wedding, event, t-shirt, logo, badges, sticker, and awesome work, etc...

**Feauture Of The Font:**

- Pintenium OTF And TTF

- Pintenium Web Font

- Open Type Features Fonts

- PUA Encode

- Unique style fonts

- Easy customize

**How to instal fonts:**

- Double click at the font files or Click Install fonts

- Adobe Illustrator CC or CS, Adobe Indesign and Coreldraw X ideal for edit the font

- Ready to use "Pintenium" for Awesome Work

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