Nebula – A Liquid Style Font

After the massive success of my Liquid Style Illustrator Brushes, I was excited to explore this popular, retro style further. I'm therefore very proud to present **'Nebula'**, a high impact display font with loads of liquid style detail.

_**What is Liquid Style?**_

A modern yet retro digital design style that uses simple, stylized, round-ended lines, which appear to be dripping. It’s most commonly used to create eye-catchingly clean illustrations and icons. It's also known as ‘fast style’ because it gives the illusion that the image is in motion!

The font is designed to be seen big for maximum impact, and it's perfect for a range of projects including contemporary and retro themes, games, sci-fi and much more! The sky is the limit...

Supplied as an open type font.

See the screen-shots for a full range of characters.

At the moment only English language is supported.