Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS)

Introducing, Murphy Font Duo, a pair of font that brings the classy yet casual feel in the same time. The classic sans combined with the natural hand writing script are the perfect match for you who needs a typeface for headline, logotype, apparel, invitation, branding, packaging, advertising etc. This typeface is comes in uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, symbols, numerals, stylistic set alternate, ligatures, etc also support multilingual. Also with BONUS PREMADE LOGO that you can edit for your project!
Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(2)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(3)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(4)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(5)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(6)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(7)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(8)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(9)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(10)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(11)Murphy – Script & Sans (+BONUS) snapshot(12)


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