Mr Chumley font

Mr Chumly my new handmade display typeface. Mr Chumley has a bold fresh personality. It will bring a touch of fun to your work. It's casual hand-lettered style has that quirky handmade feel.

The main regular font was 100% handmade using a sharpie pen on paper.

**Display typeface**

Ideal for headlines at 16 points or higher. Mr Chumley would look great on Posters, Book jacket designs, Packaging, Billboards and anything where you want that bold look.

**Layered font**

Mr Chumley is my first layered font. It comes with two font layers to add shadow and hatches.

Meaning you can create your own combinations from the other 4 main font styles. The font has 6 flavours including:

* Regular
* Rough
* Grunge
* Halftone
* Shadow
* Hatches

It includes around 229 glyphs including:

* Uppercase letters only
* Numbers
* Punctuation & Symbols
* Western European characters
* Central European characters
* South Eastern European characters
* Font format OTF