MartiniThai Neue Slab V2

From award winning 2017 font from Demark (Thailand) and G-Mark (Japan) in Graphic Design, MartiniThai Neue Slab now available with better taste.

Deltatype create better version of MartiniThai Neue Slab V2 by refined for better outline, we fine-tuned all outline for better letterform. Proportion adjust for better consistent. Metric, refine new metric value for increase readability. Kerning, fine-tuned kerning pair for better between letters.

MartiniThai Neue Slab V2 come in six weights from Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, Black. Thai Language is included in this package.

MartiniThai Neue Slab, a unique slab serif in Thai Scripts that create sense of timeless and contemporary used by media provider and nationwide in Thailand.

**This package is available in desktop top license, please read license agreements carefully before use**