Presenting **MANUFAKTUR** - A typeface influenced by an old iron cast sign on an old Swedish industrial machine. The simple curves of the characters suited well for an 21st century update and the new and modern **MANUFAKTUR** is now a variable typeface with thousands of combinations of width and weight.

With an OpenType-enabled app - or your website - you can control the width and weight of the typeface via a slider or with code.

This hardworking sans serif is perfect for display use, signage, poster, prints, editorial use, branding, logos, magazines, films and lots more.

The variable weight and width makes **MANUFAKTUR** very versatile and flexible.

If variable fonts isn't your bag **MANUFAKTUR** also comes in OTF, TTF and web fonts.

The **MANUFAKTUR** with * OTF * and * TTF * consists of **60 fonts**:
* **5 weights** * (Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold & Black) *
* **3 widths** * (Normal, Expanded & Ultra Expanded) *
* **3 styles** * (Normal, Italic, Rough) *

With 330+ glyphs ** MANUFAKTUR ** supports basic, Western European, Central European and South Eastern European languages.


**Life time support:** I'm always kerning, fixing awkward letterforms and updating my typefaces. Feel free to contact me with feedback. Feedback is a designers best tool. Updates and fixes to my fonts are always free for existing owners.