Mainsail CPC

The characteristics of _Mainsail CPC_ are whimsical and rough. The original idea came from the way I letter bold headlines in my notebooks. Mainsail CPC works well paired with a rough illustration style, much like my own. Use it as display type purposes, such as headlines or giant one letter accents.

* Two Font Styles: Sans-Serif and Slab Serif both with italics
* Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
* Lining Figure Numbers
* Punctuations
* Symbols: Currency, Math, Arrows, and more.
* Extended Language Support
* Two stylistic alternatives: A monoline & and Italic capital E.

**Ideas for Usage:**
* Whimsical Illustrations
* Children's Books
* Farming and Grocery Graphics
* Warm and fuzzy greeting cards
* Covers for books about boat sails
* Shopping list spread sheets
* A happy looking yard sale poster
* Love letters you'll never send