Higgs Boson Blues handmade OpenType SVG color font

I made Higgs Boson Blues by carving by hand into linoleum blocks and then hand printed onto paper.

Its a big and bold display typeface, which kind of has its roots in traditional wood type.

Higgs Boson comes in two formats OpenType-SVG bitmap and regular vector font.

The OpenType-SVG font an extraordinary amount of texture and detail. It has a vintage kind of western style, it a weathered almost stamped like appearance.

It has all that charming grunge detail that only block printing by hand can achieve.

Also, the OpenType-SVG typeface is all set on a transparent layer, so that in Photoshop and Illustrator you can easily change its colour.

**Higgs Boson Blues usage**

The font is suitable for a wide variety of designs everything from t-shirts, letterheads, headlines and logos to retro packaging, book covers and beer labels.

If you looking to get that authentic letterpress look, Higgs Boson Blues might be a perfect choice.

**OpenType Alternatives**

Each lowercase and uppercase letter has 3 alternatives. Helpful to make your lettering seem different and random.

**OpenType SVG, please note:**

OpenType-SVG bitmap fonts are new. Support for them is limited but growing.

They only work in the latest versions of Photoshop CC2017+ and Illustrator CC 2018+, plus a few of other native OSX applications. They also work on the more modern versions of windows again only in Photoshop CC2017+ and Illustrator CC 2018+.

Windows users might not see your letters when you install the typeface. But it does work in the applications mentioned above.

Adobe Indesign does not fully support OpenType-SVG bitmap fonts.

**Font Image backups**

If your software is too old I've provided high-resolution images, so you can still manually compose inside photoshop or your app of choice.

**Traditional vector font included**

A traditional vector font is included, it's not quite the same as the SVG version (not as much detail) but it will work in any graphics application.

**Included with the OpenType-SVG font**

* Uppercase characters (Basic Latin only)
* Lowercase characters (Basic Latin only)
* Numbers
* Punctuation
* Symbols and marks
* High-resolution image backups with numerous alternatives

**Included with the Vector font**

* Uppercase characters
* Lowercase characters
* Numbers
* Punctuation
* Symbols and marks
* Full support for Western, Central and South Eastern European languages.