Gibsons Vintage

After several months we created a brand new font **Gibsons Font Collection** includes 20 fonts on the package. The fonts have two & three weight from regular, semi-bold, and bold version. And what a great news is every weight have 4 styles fill (of course), outline, vintage (rough edge) and rough (textured). The font perfectly paired, a tall font combined with short font is the best combination. We also do not forget to add alternate character for the feature.

So, this is what you get on the package

* Gibsons 01 Regular Vintage Version
* Gibsons 01 Semi-Bold Vintage Version
* Gibsons 01 Bold Vintage Version
* Gibsons 02 Regular Vintage Version
* Gibsons 02 Bold Vintage Version
* Webfont included for every single font

Download full glyph table :

You need upgrade license for digital apps, gaming, film, broadcast television, create content that is broadcast or streamed, commercial exhibition, software embedding, or large volume over 100.000 reproductions, etc. Please contact me.

I hope you like this font and usefull for you

Gibsons Vintage snapshot(2)Gibsons Vintage snapshot(3)Gibsons Vintage snapshot(4)Gibsons Vintage snapshot(5)Gibsons Vintage snapshot(6)Gibsons Vintage snapshot(7)Gibsons Vintage snapshot(8)


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