Geographica Hand

**Modeling antique fonts** after historical materials gives you intimate familiarity with those old letters and journals and maps. While studying a few 18th century British maps of Colonial America and Canada, I couldn’t help but admire their neatly hand-lettered legends and place names. A few months later, I finished up **Geographica Hand**, which mimics these fine hand-done serifs—so fine that they resemble moveable type of the period. The letterforms have long serifs, irregular lines, and an agreeably organic feel.

**Geographica Hand** has nearly 900 glyphs, including true small caps, contextual and discretionary ligatures, lining and old-style figures, and a series of unique cartographic ornaments—trees, churches, windmills, and such. Comes with full Latin support.

*Package includes:*

* Desktop font in OTF and TTF formats
* Webfont in EOT, WOFF, TTF, and SVG formats
* PDF guide to OpenType features
* PDF desktop and webfonts EULAs
* ReadMe text file

_Many thanks for your interest in type from 3IP._