Introducing **Baisteach**, our latest all-caps vintage serif. Inspired from early 1900's typography that often used in signpaintings, packaging labels, and advertisements. This typeface is made of sharp serifs, clean edges and strong form, give you a simple yet impactful feels. Suits best for headline, logo/logotype, and many more. If you're a fan of classic typography, make sure you add this font to your design toolbox. Last but not least, dont forget to activate its OpenType Feature to get the wider selection of letter combinations.

Baisteach snapshot(2)Baisteach snapshot(3)Baisteach snapshot(4)Baisteach snapshot(5)Baisteach snapshot(6)Baisteach snapshot(7)Baisteach snapshot(8)Baisteach snapshot(9)


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