Athena – An Elegant Sans Serif

**Athena is an elegant typeface of contrast.** It offers a modern take of the old didoe genre, confidently playing with extremes of thick strokes and whisper thin curves, but removing the serifs, planting it firmly in modern day design.
Its a careful collaboration between beauty and function.

**Athena features upper and lower cases, supports ALL Latin based languages.**
It hosts four weights, two outlines and six italics, each offering something different and all crafted to work harmoniously together.

The font family includes **10 fonts in three styles:**

**Fine** - Whisper thin, slight contrast, - quietly beautiful - *Designed to offer subtle sophistication to both large type and body copy.
Logos / Magazines / Invites / Branding*
- **Athena Light**
- **Athena Light Italic**

**Display** - High contrast, bold - exudes confidence - *Designed to be striking and elegant, with its contrasts looking especially pleasing in really large sizes.
Headlines / Fashion / Magazines / Branding / Film / Posters*
- **Athena Regular**
- **Athena Regular Italic**
- **Athena Bold**
- **Athena Bold Italic**
- **Athena Inline**
- **Athena Inline Italic**

**Text** - Thick, subtle contrast - charming and clear - Designed for optimal legibility and a better reading experience, perfect in smaller sizes and bulk text.
Books / Web / Print
- **Athena Book**
- **Athena Book Italic**

This type family has been a real labour of love, making it as accessible as possible and a pleasure use.
I really hope you enjoy it!

As always, shoot me a message if you have any questions!